Guardian & Me Program Jan 11-Feb 15 2019

Come join Hula – Rööts for our winter program as we team up with Phipps Neighborhood Headstart Program in the Bronx. 

Spend quality time with the Guardian & Me Program & kick of your weekend with high vibrations with you & yours.




Here are some highlightes of what we offer:

Summary of Program

This six week program takes place every Friday, Jan 11 – Feb 15 2019 for the community.  Hula – Rööts™ brings an alternative to learning with a touch of wellness, yoga & hula hoops. Keeping the family in shape by setting aside quality time to learn, fortify self care & have an extra dose of academics disguised as fun.




Baby & Me Program 0-2 years

This program uses chakra sounds. This helps the child to develop sound vocabulary while simultaneously guardian & child clear their chakras,learn the associated colors & create bonding time.



Socializing 2-5 yrs

Hoops games: Using chakra colored hoops to learn chakra sounds along with color recognition & socialized play with other children.

Introduction to HoopYogini™ as child mimics guardian in yogini moves (yoga married to the hula hoop) & create their own alchemy movement in the hoop from moves learned in class.


Yoga Literacy 3-5 years old


Using the art of storytelling to create yoga vinyasas. Children get to feel like authors & see their story come to life in yoga positions from story answers.




There are other class surprises like making your own hoop so you and child can practice hoop moves at home.


We’d love to have fun with you & your child as these are great times to create memories & getting in shape is a plus as you start your weekend with high vibrations




Phipps Neighborhood Headstart Program 921 E 180th Street Bronx, NY 10460 

***For questions answered & to register for this Free.99 Program email with subject Guardian & Me Program at

**You can also leave a reply hear for FAQ






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