My Summary for HoopYogini™ Mindset & Core Strength Challenge

It’s a wrap! We did it! Thank you for participating in the 10 Day Mindset & Core Strength Challenge! What a wonderful way to endeavor together, support each other and clarify what matters.




Not only was it a joy to share this offering as a challenge, but when asked the questions, I find that the healer needs healing too. Here is a summary of what I received from the Challenge- Venetria



Friday Feb Day 1- Jocelyn

QUESTION: In consideration of your 2019 goals and intentions for the year, what strengths do you need to develop to see them through.

Keeping a daily schedule as now I’ve become the boss of me, my life has become more fulfilled that I don’t realize I only have a 24 hr. box day to fill.

Saturday Feb 2 – Erin

QUESTION: What is one word that represents the quality of your gifts and heart energy that you want to/are sharing with the world (your home/work/community)

The feeling of Sanctuary. In my aura space, that feeling of being safe in the spirit.

Sunday February 3 – Lori

QUESTION: How can you start each day to root yourself and get focused for success?

Meditation. Yoga/ HoopYogini. Spelling/Journaling. It’s been my formula for the last 5 years. I would not even know how to deviate from it. It helps me to remember the alchemist I Am as I create my successful life.

Monday February 4 – Adriana

QUESTION: What is your intention for today (and for the new year)?

My intentions today & for the New Year is continue to work on my self development. With that comes the birthing of my inner me.

Tuesday February 5 – Shani

QUESTION: What are you grateful for today?

I’m grateful that I can always tap into the power of my Crown Chakra to guide me on my daily journey.

Wednesday February 6: Jocelyn

QUESTION: What is that one action that you’ve been resisting that you know is necessary to take you out of your comfort zone and into the next, best version of your life?

I’m resisting getting out my own way. I constantly get chills of change my body gives me as I notice the alignment & realize.

Thursday February 7th. Heather

QUESTION: What comfortable, but unfulfilling routines are you called to end in your life?

Procrastination. Learning to kick old habits takes lots self improvement lessons for me.

Friday February 8th: Venetria / Hula Roots

QUESTION: How does the alchemist in you, calls for your dreams and goals to come into reality?

Meditation. Yoga. Journaling. Creating portals/vortex. HoopYogini™. Earthing. Connecting to nature. Lots of ways to create your reality. If you can think it, you ]can do it.

Saturday February 9 – Nicole LEVEL 2

QUESTION: If you had a throne, describe it. What colors would it be, what jewels would it have as an expression of your true self?

My throne always looks gold. Therefore it is gold. Which creates electrical currents as I sit on it. I create. I’m energy personified as my True North.

Sunday February 10 – Jocelyn

QUESTION: What do you stand for?

Are you living your values and honoring your priorities? Are you using your voice to speak out for communities that have no voice?

What do you stand for?

I stand for FREEDOM! I stand for feeling comfortable to change my mind. I stand for wanting to work on self development. I stand for discovering my GodIs powers. I stand for womb work. I stand for wearing my true self unapologetically! I stand for creation for the good. I stand for wild women & moon work & creating your journey & ancestral lessons & natural birth. I stand for only the things that serve me to my higher self. My True North.



The doors to the Scholarship Season are open now!

The doors to enrollment for the HoopYogini™ Online Teacher Training is opening up February 19 2019



10 Day Mindset & Core Strength Challenge

Here’s how to participate:

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We will announce challenge winners on Tuesday morning – the lucky participants who will be awarded one of these awesome prizes:

🏆a one-to-one coaching session with Jocelyn Gordon – Creator of HoopYogini

🏆access to the online course – Connect To Your Power

🏆access to the online course – Foundations & Flow

Tag someone who would benefit from this challenge.

We love you! Thank you! Namaste!


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