ATL #420Workout Day Experience The Elevation

Life can be so amazing as Hula Roots will be celebrating the 4/20 with TWO ATL events. Two of 2 events Hula Roots is doing, will be at #420WorkOut For Advocacy of Medical Cannabis.


Life Is Awesome… Join Hula Roots for the 420 Workout! RSVP TODAY – SPOTS ARE LIMITED!
#WeedandWorkout #lifeisawesome #BringYoAzz #hulahoops #waisttraining

We’re going to take your workout to a whole new level. On this day you will experience the benefits of training after elevating one’s state of mind.


Please Note: This is a private/exclusive event not open to the public. We’re only hosting 80 guests. Tickets go on sale April 10th. Stay connected!!!


  1. Marijuana relieves exercise-related pain
  2. Cannabis protects your brain from injuries
  3. Marijuana boosts your metabolism and makes you slimmer
  4. Marijuana gives you all the focus you need if you know how to summon it.
  5. Marijuana wipes away the pre-workout anxiety
  6. No more sore muscles

Cannabis is a well-known painkiller and has been used for treating acute and chronic pain. Many studies have proven that cannabinoids have the power to switch off the pain signals in our body so we don’t feel it as much of it. In other words, marijuana makes the pain bearable.

Follow our FB page for ongoing details & up to date posts until event day.


Tickets: $25

Vendors: $100

Sponsors: $250


Please DM to receive event time & location.

DM for Vendor & Sponsorship or call 404.454.1066



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