Hula Roots Introduces the HoopYogini™ Experience.  Sacred Feminine Wellness helps you to find your higher self  through, exercising, eating a Natural-Electric-Alkaline Diet and finally, through meditation & other natural tools.

Hula Roots & Sacred Feminine Wellness was established in 2016. Hello, I am Venetria, a Certified HoopYogini™ Instructor.

HoopYogini™ is a Doctor Approved, standing & holistic exercise flow, that combines the hula hoop, with mindfulness meditation & hatha Yoga. It moves your spine in six positions, thus moving it to it’s full range of motion. It will tone your core, relieve back pain, improve your posture, massage and detox your organs and lubricate & nourish your spine.

No yoga or hoop experience needed. Anybody can Hoop!

Through the HoopYogini™ experience, Hula Roots uses this technique to help men & women develop the fitness required to live the life of your dreams.

Sacred Feminine Wellness helps the wombman rejuvenate and cleanse her womb through eating a natural – electric diet. Use your womb to reach higher states of consciousness, manifest & own your feminine power! Meditation helps the wombmyn listen to her higher conscience self to better navigate throughout life. Some of the natural tools the Sacred Feminine Woman uses is the Yoni Egg, keeping her womb healthy, tight and clean.  Healing crystals, to adorn & soltar mother earths gifts and powers.

Hula Roots aims to help and guide the feminine to find her higher self.

Please…stay tuned to this site as it is under construction. You can follow me on any of my social networks to follow when & where “The HoopYogini™ Experience” classes are being facilitated.

Future Services

*Personal Grocery Alkaline Shopper, Prepare & Introduce the Natural/Electric Diet life style
*Natural jewelry
*Yoga/Hoop clothes line through Dizzy Izzy Wear
*Rejuvenating / Holistic / Recharge Spa …Mexico

Embark with me on this journey of ascension learning, as I am one citizen of the universe, helping to raise the vibration of love on my earthly travels to a higher frequency and bring these lessons to share with other Ka’s…


Hoops & Roots