Guardian & Me Program Jan 11-Feb 15 2019

Come join Hula – Rööts for our winter program as we team up with Phipps Neighborhood Headstart Program in the Bronx. 

Spend quality time with the Guardian & Me Program & kick of your weekend with high vibrations with you & yours.




Here are some highlightes of what we offer:

Summary of Program

This six week program takes place every Friday, Jan 11 – Feb 15 2019 for the community.  Hula – Rööts™ brings an alternative to learning with a touch of wellness, yoga & hula hoops. Keeping the family in shape by setting aside quality time to learn, fortify self care & have an extra dose of academics disguised as fun.




Baby & Me Program 0-2 years

This program uses chakra sounds. This helps the child to develop sound vocabulary while simultaneously guardian & child clear their chakras,learn the associated colors & create bonding time.



Socializing 2-5 yrs

Hoops games: Using chakra colored hoops to learn chakra sounds along with color recognition & socialized play with other children.

Introduction to HoopYogini™ as child mimics guardian in yogini moves (yoga married to the hula hoop) & create their own alchemy movement in the hoop from moves learned in class.


Yoga Literacy 3-5 years old


Using the art of storytelling to create yoga vinyasas. Children get to feel like authors & see their story come to life in yoga positions from story answers.




There are other class surprises like making your own hoop so you and child can practice hoop moves at home.


We’d love to have fun with you & your child as these are great times to create memories & getting in shape is a plus as you start your weekend with high vibrations




Phipps Neighborhood Headstart Program 921 E 180th Street Bronx, NY 10460 

***For questions answered & to register for this Free.99 Program email with subject Guardian & Me Program at

**You can also leave a reply hear for FAQ






Pre Order Hula Roots Vibrational Hoops





The human being vibrates at different frequencies. Depending on what you put in your body, how diseased or healthy you are & your state of mind are some of the variables that affect what vibration you are on.

While hooping, you expand those vibrations. Those vibrations can be thoughts. Those thoughts become matter. That matter becomes your reality.

🖤 It is said that while hooping you create 120mhz of energy.

♥️ Copper is a conduit for energy.

💚 Earth’s semi precious crystals like Black Obsidian or Rose Quartz has its own vibrational energy.


Now take this strong vibration; stand inside your hoop; Become the axis of energy; Spin & use the energy to raise your vibrations; Repeat a mantra; Sing; Repeat affirmations; Repeat your intentions…Then let the universe do the job of how, whatever you asked for, comes to your reality.

If you’ve taken a Hula Roots™ Introduces HoopYogini™ class, then you already know of the magic creation. My classroom hoops has copper in them. Whether you came to my class & said “I CAN’T” & wound up hooping before class was over or experienced overwhelming joy, or even released something, you’ve experienced a different vibration.

In my very FIRST HoopYogini™ class I took, my intention was to become a HoopYogini™ Certified Facilitator. Teachers Training started that next week. The universe gave its answer the next day with a phone call from my Lawyer. The news that my check from the car accident I had a year before was ready! Just in time to cover the offering for this dynamic practice.

Its powerful what you can create in the hoop. Use Hula Rööts™ Vibrational Hoops & be the alchemist of what you create. *Blog Coming Soon*

CYBER WEEK SALE STILL GOING ON! 🖤♥️💚 I am now taking Square & Pay Pal. More payment options coming soon or just ask.
DM with email & address for invoice.



HoopYogini™ Comes to Harlem-Live Classes

Join us in HARLEM for HoopYogini™ Adult Saturday Morning Starter


or Children’s after school program featuring curriculum from  Hula Roots™ Guardian & Me Program.


Then after class, have a sea moss fruit smoothie or a delicious vegan breakfast dish. Exercise & healthy eating go hand & hand to work to its highest beneficial goal to your health.

Jahlookova Logo Harlem

HoopYogini™ Spinal Awakening Series combines the hula hoop with mindfulness

meditation & hatha yoga. This all levels program, is a Doctor Approve, excersise flow, that moves your spine in six positions moving it to its full range of motion. It will

Tone your core

Relieve back pain

Improve your posture

Massage & detox your organs

Lubricate your spine

You will have alot of fun



In our From the Core Series, you’ll learn to hoop on the waist in HoopYogini™ Waist hooping, Foundation Pose, as you

Massage & detox your organs

Lubricate your spine

burn 400 – 600 calories an hour

Have a full body workout

And gain the fitness required to live the life of your dreams

Then put it all the moves together you learned in class for an organic hoopdance flow in the Alchemy & Flow Series, learn a couple of hoop tricks, then go create your day!
Just bring you & some water. Hoops are provided

This 5 week program will end before the holidays & the next program will be available after the new year.



Suggested donation $5 ❤️ At the Door $7 Thank You


Adult Class Eventbrite link is

Children’s Class Eventbrite link is



Hula – Rööts Celebrates The Autumn Equinox 22 SEP 18

The Autumn Equinox is on Saturday, September 22 at 9.54pm.
Come to the Bronx this weekend for 2  opportunities for Autumn Seasonal Wellness and Balance!

Saturday, September 22
3rd Annual “Highbridge Holistic Day” at the N.Y. Restoration Project Target Bronx Community Garden in Highbridge at 1025 Anderson Avenue (Accesible entrance is on Woodycrest Avenue)


#VenetriaofHulaRööts is happy to introduce HoopYogini™ (HY) to the Target Community Garden, Community.

Come learn how to hoop the HoopYogini™ way in Waist Hooping in the HY Foundation Pose.

See you at 4pm!


The event includes:
Soapmaking Demonstration by Ms. Romelle of The Knobby Broom

“Guided Imagery and Breathwork” by Mr. Carlos Rosario, The Green Light Warrior

“Holistic Stress Management with Ms. Shaniquewa Lino.

“Sunset Sound Healing Session” with Ms Jessica Bonds

“Yoga” with Ms. Shirlene Bromfield.

Massage and Reiki Wellness Services will also be available.
Meals available for sale by The Vegan Ladies

Admission is **FREE**.

See the full event on Facebook:

* * *

Hula – Rööts™ Has A New Bronx Studio Home…

I’m so excited that my class has started filling up. This is such a good thing as I’m honored to serve  my community with affordable classes in the Bronx at the NEW

Vibrant Awakenings Yoga Dance & Wellness Studio


2704 E. Tremont Avenue, Suite 3
Bronx, New York 10461

Hula – Rööts™ Has a new home. Go to FB: @Vibrant Awakenings

To view class schedules, sign up & for all future wellness workshops information.
Take advantage of the Donation Base Sunday classes as Hula – Rööts™ introduces HoopYogini™





HoopYogini™ combines the hula hoop with mindfulness meditation and hatha yoga

No experience necessary.  All you need is you, a bottle of water & an #ICan attitude.

All levels welcome!

See you in the center of your hula hoop…your personal universe 🕉️


Your Certified Facilitator –  Venetria of Hula Hoops

Vibrant Awakenings Yoga , Dance & Wellness Studio has HoopYogini™ Classes now…

Join Hula – Rööts™ with other Wellness instructor’s, June 16th for the soft opening of Vibrant Awakenings Yoga & Dance & Wellness Studio at the #fairinthesquare & take my demo class of HoopYogini™


2704 East Tremont Avenue Saturday June 16th at 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Join us for our SOFT OPENING at the Fair in the Square Festival #fairinthesquare & WSBID! Vibrant Awakenings is opening a New all inclusive Yoga, Dance & Wellness Studio on July 1, 2018!


Our booth will be located on East Tremont Avenue at St Raymond’s Avenue. Come meet our instructors and take one of our demo classes. See schedule below.

12:30 Venetria – HoopYogini™

1:30p Camille – Soca Fitness

2:30p Alexis – Belly Dance

3:30p Gretchen – Open Level Yoga

July is the grand opening so sign up for our July special for $100 monthly unlimited yoga and dance classes – A $25 savings.

***Sign up at the fair and receive a $Free.99 Yoga Mat!

Giveaways, music & much more!

See you there in the Square!







Venetria of Hula – Rööts™ is a Newly Published Author

Venetria of Hula Rööts is a newly Published Author with a gift of forgiveness all wrapped up in a book just in time for Mother Day…at our pre launch price


In this memoir, the narrator explains how a postured up attitude can ignite change & and overall, a healthy spiritual way to navigate the tools it can take, to forgive, in any adversity. Knowing this book is going to reach whomever needs to hear it, is the goal of this creation.


Get your e-book version today…take a peek.

***Pre Order*** Your”#ThisIsWhat50LooksLike #ooak Vibrational Hoop”

Limited Edition #ThisIsWhat50LooksLike. #ôoak Vibrational Hoops



As I move into another part of my life, I am remembering all the memories, people & things that brought me here.

“Remember that sound our hoops used to make?”

Looking at my life then and now, I’m thinking of how I reinvented myself with the hula hoop. The hoop of yesterday to hoops that light up now, as we look at how the hoop has evolved. The simplicity of the circle.

Remember that sound. Cha cha…Cha chaauu_Cha cha…cha chaauu 🎶 you know you hear it!

The  Limited Edition #ThisIsWhat50LooksLike Vibrational Hoops

As I thought of that sound & wanted to mimic that sound in my hoop & as I heard over the past year in my HoopYogini™ adventures, from the people that I have met. “Remember that sound our hoops used to make?”

Copper is a chemical element with symbol Cu (from Latin: cuprum) and atomic number 29 (=11).

Well, your thoughts have made it to our reality. This is how our manifestation is showing up. With a twist.


The  Limited Edition #ThisIsWhat50LooksLike Vibrational Hoops

These hoops are infused with copper.

“Copper is a chemical element with symbol Cu (from Latin: cuprum) and atomic number 29 (=11). It is a soft, malleable, and ductile metal with very high thermal and electrical conductivity. A freshly exposed surface of pure copper has a reddish-orange color.”


Imagine your body being charged as your hoop is rotating around your womb…your chi…your universe, whatever you want to call your energy source. Then rotating on your spine, your personal surge protector outlet connecting every nerve ending that makes you you.

As you “rotate inside of your own personal universe” you are creating your own electrical charge.


But Wait! Wait! Wait!

The “TIW50LL hoop also has the energy of crystals. Yes! Energizing, live natural energy from mother earth’s womb herself.

The first segment of hoops are infused with…

VINTAGE  TRANSPARENT  LIGHT SAPPHIRE CRYSTAL seed beads. It’s properties are Intuition, Creative Expression & Mental Clarity.


The vortex of your spin inside your universe

  • The copper conducting your energy from your womb & your spine
  • The energy of the crystals passing through the copper that is conduction your frequency inside your universe from your Rööt Chakra to your Crown Chakra.
  • Giving your manifestation your own frequency into the universe to become your reality.


There are many lessons inside & outside the hoop.

These hoops can be pre – ordered for the very special price of $50!


***Come the First day of Spring the price will go to its regular $65***

The possibilities are endless, to use this hoop for.

I am proud of my newest creations for 2K18 as there are quite a bit of Nu-Firsts #HRSFW has created for this year.

*dõTERRA Wellness Advocate.            *#AlkalineLyfStyle Program.             *#ThisIsWhat50LooksLike #ooak Vibrational Hoop

So visit me on my FB Fan Page & look for all details in the service tabs…

These hoops can be pre – ordered for the very special price of $50!

***Come the First day of Spring the price will go to its regular $65***

Give 6 to 8 weeks for processing & delivery.

***Video coming soon***
You can send your pre order (P.O.) payments to

And note:  P.O. #TIW50LL VH

Hula – Rööts™ also takes Square payment & sends invoices. Just send me your email address for pre order invoice for #TIW50LL VH

Venetria of Hula – Rööts™🎆HoopYogini™🎆At Wanderlust 108 2018 🎆Atlanta🌋

Here Ye Here Ye!

Venetria Of Hula – Rööts™ is facilitating HoopYogini™ In ATLANTA Wanderlust108!!!!!!

Venetria and other HoopYogini Certified Instructors will be teaching at many Wanderlust 108 events around the country.

Come join me – The official face of Times Square Summer Solstice
Venetria Of Hula – Rööts™ #vohrofots17 #vohromomy17

Venetria, certified HoopYogini™ facilitator is teaching at Wanderlust 108 Atlanta 2018 on April 8, 2018

Venetria and other HoopYogini Certified Instructors will be teaching at many Wanderlust 108 events around the country.

Stay attuned! Join Us and #findyourtruenorth



The Core Consciousness Collective Series

Venetria of Hula – Rööts™ is having its first 2018 New Year Resolution After Holiday Workout Series – Core Consciousness Collective

Take a class with the face of Times Square Summer Solstice Mind Over Madness Yoga #vohromomy17 #vohrofots17

As I team up with Maya Naimah – Maya Da Traina – with her Total Body Conditioning – Multi-joint, functional High & Low Impact workout


HoopYogini™ Spinal Awakening Series & From The Core Series – A total full body workout!

HoopYogini™ combines the hula hoop with mindfulness meditation & hatha yoga!

*Weight Loss
*Full Body Strenth
*Inches of waistline
*Improve mobility
*Clarity of mind
*Joy Activation
*Deeper connection w/nature & sensual self

Total Body Conditioning  – Incorporates core based multi-functional and multi-joint exercises for optimal results

This is a MUST sign up class for these will be intimate group settings & at Introductory Price***


🎇Self love the skin your in!

💚Love you first by taking care of you first!

🎆See life through a different set of lenses & ask yourself why you haven’t taken a HoopYogini™ Class yet!

This series has something for everyone! No yoga or hula experience needed & Total Body Conditioning is for everyone regardless of fitness level.

Take both classes or just one…

The Core Consciousness Collective gotchu!

Sign up here ⤵

Or The Facebook Event Page ⤵



Maya I. Freeman

M: 510.815.8050

Hula’s Photo Credit: Setu & Anna Bouma @setucommunity & @annameredythe IG & FB